YESforLOV Weekender Kit

Weekender-kit with all essentials that are needed for a romantic weekend
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    Weekender kit with all essentials that are needed during a romantic weekend.

    The titillating massage oil has a non-oily texture and does not stain clothing or sheets. To enhance relaxation, it is enriched with passion fruit, damiana, rosemary and sweet almond oils, spiced up with a dash of ginger extract for a delicious shiver.
    Write naughty body messages with the cherry flavoured body pencil. There's nothing like a drop of the Excitement Gel For Women on the clitoris to whet desire in a peppermint shiver. Massage delicately to build up passion. And discover the unexplored regions of pleasure.
    The Intimate moisturising lubricant optimises contact, comfort and pleasure, while maintaining the natural feel of your subtlest sensations.

    Use the black satin blindfold to tie up the hands or cover the eyes, but above all, to miss out on nothing.

    • One titillating massage oil (30 ml).
    • One cherry-flavoured body pencil.
    • One single dose of excitement gel for women (3g).
    • One single dose of intimate moisturising lubricant.
    • One black satin blindfold.


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